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A B1:10 church is a congregation that sees 1 baptism per year for every 10 attendees.  While this may seem it would be normal  the truth is most churches see way fewer baptisms than this.  Most churches see 1 baptism for 20 attendees or even less.

Why does it matter?

The local church has many purposes and functions but it only has one MISSON.  Jesus co-missioned the church to go out and make disciples and this is the key test of a churches faithfulness to the call and mandate of Christ.  

A church that is ineffectual at reaching people for the good news of Jesus will loose its purpose and slowly die.  It is only in consistently giving birth to new believers and establishing them as disciples that churches will have life and renewal. 

We face a post pandemic, post modern, and an anti-organized religion world.  Unless a church is growing by the biblical model of conversions and discipleship they will find themselves looking for attendees from amongst the christian community.  This becomes very discouraging to pastors.

It doesn't have to be this way.  The harvest is white and plentiful and if we can grasp and act upon this reality our churches can actually be growing and multiplying with the lost. 

We have learnt through our own journey that it is not too difficult to become a B1:10 church.  Most churches, through their programming and people, are connecting with non believers already.  What is needed is a  clearer and more effective strategy for turning those connections into anointed presentations of the gospel that lead to baptisms and commitments to be disciples.

We believe that being a church that grows through conversions does not require an amazing personality, or an incredible band, or even phenomenal preaching.   It only requires a sense of mission, focus, and a willingness to recalibrate some of the practices and energy of the church onto the opportunities that already lie within it. 

Let us join with your church and help you recalibrate your vision, resources, and approach to become effective in making disciples. 

B1:10?: Welcome
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